Cyclists are friends, not food!

Cyclists may be encased in lycra suits that make them look like sausage casings, but it certainly does not make them food.

Yet, on Sydney’s roads, they are being treated like a cheap steak at a suburban pub.

At the present, a total of 3383 injured cyclists were admitted to a hospital in NSW, compared to 557 for the year previous (  While this may pale in comparison to casualty rates for other modes of transport, we haven’t even arrived at the most shocking part – cyclists numbers are dwindling in Sydney.

That’s right.  The participation rates for cyclists in Sydney are steadily dropping.  The reason? Anyone (including this writer) who has taken their bike for a ride on our roads can attest to the poor attitudes and the lack of infrastructure that is endemic in Sydney.

This issue has gone on for too long in the eyes of our team.

Our proposal to change this sorry state of affairs includes real community action that revolves around the stories and opinions of cyclists to change the attitudes of motorists and cyclists alike.

Without any real partnerships on our roads, cyclists and motorists will continue to feel the effects of these poor attitudes reflected in the motoring community.

Together, we can learn to share the lane; to make sure that the cyclists in our rear view mirror don’t end up becoming another statistic.

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