Visibility and Awareness

These two words almost seem interchangeable don’t they? Visibility and Awareness.  Both involve being aware, both involve being visible.

And for cyclists, they both prove the difference between life and death.

Cycling should be a fun activity – don’t get me wrong, it is! the should is in there just from the standpoint of someone who has had their fair share of accidents.  Cycling IS fun, however it’s clear to see that every accident that I’ve been involved in, or seen, has one common factor:

Visibility and awareness.

Remember, visibility and awareness is up to you! Retro colours and bright fluorescent jerseys are back in.  So treat yourself to a brand-spanking new jersey that not only looks great, but helps you stay visible on the roads.

And as for awareness? just switch on! Every time you go out on the bike, remember that it isn’t just you – there are other cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

Keep safe out there!


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