The Three Cyclists you’ll see on our Roads

Cyclists – they’re bloody well everywhere aren’t they! Here at Cycle Bible however, we’ve made a handy classification chart so you can spot them every time.  Try giving this chart a go next time you’re on the road!

  1. The Mamil

The middle-aged man in Lycra.  Often overweight, often slow.  But ALWAYS clad in fluorescent colours and skin tight clothing.  However, these guys do not like being hit by angry motorists!

2. The commuter

It’s always a pleasure when you see a bloke in a suit cycling along the side of the road.  Aren’t they ruining their suit? isn’t this too sweaty? However, just like our friend the Mamil, they certainly do not like being hit by angry motorists!

3. The disqualified driver

The five-o’clock shadow.  The look of disdain.  The look of regret.  It has to be the former motorist who was caught doing 67 in a 50 zone! They really regret it now.  But not as much as they hate getting hit by angry motorists not showing respect to cyclists on the road!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled! And remember, we all hate being hit by angry motorists on the road just like the three cyclists above!

Stay safe out there!


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