No Bike, No Problem!

Do you sometimes get the urge to cycle on a beautiful Sunday morning, or wish that you had a bicycle to beat the rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon, but have no access to a bike?

Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 12.33.36 am.png
Source: Flickr

All around Sydney, there are now multiple companies offering bike rentals, including the famous company, oBike. This company offers GPS tracked bicycles that can be booked with rates as inexpensive as $2 an hour, and easy bookings that can be made through their smartphone app.

The convenience of this dockless locking bike rental means that you can park it anywhere at any time, as long as it is a safe spot that doesn’t compromise the safety of the surrounding environment. You can track the closest bike, by simply signing up to be a member and paying a refundable membership fee.

If there is a chance that there are no oBikes in your vicinity, there are also many independent rentals for hire. For example, specifically for the Kensington and Randwick area, the Centennial Park Cycles is convenient and easily booked through its website.

For other areas where oBike is not available, the below are some bike hire companies for some key Sydney areas:


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