Commuting To Work

Having a hard time due to rush hour traffic, wanting to avoid crowded public transportation, or wanting just to save a buck or two? The decision to commute with a bike could never be easier. However, sometimes that transition could be just a bit harder to do, so here are some tips you could keep in mind!

Plan it! 

Especially if you are just beginning, plan your trips for the ultimate efficiency and also reducing risks of disruption to your safety.

Try it!

Now that you’ve planned out your route, you should probably try it out during a non-working day to help you navigate when the time comes for the real thing!

do IT together!

Find some friends that live close by to start the program together! You just might have more confidence and assurance with a friend by your side.

Trial it!

We know, the transition from biking to work and taking a bus or train, where you can just sit (or stand) and wait till you arrive at your destination, is going to be difficult AF! So we here at CycleBible recommend you to start out with a couple of days per week just to get the hang of it. Once you do, you’ll be saving $$$ in no time!



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