5 Tips For Cyclists That Will Benefit Everyone On Sydney Roads

Safety is a two-way street. It’s up to both cyclists and motorists to stay vigilant on our roads.

Here are 5 ways that cyclists can help to make themselves and others on our roads safe.

  1. Give way to pedestrians – when cycling on a shared pedestrian/bike path, make sure you give way to pedestrians or give them a heads up that you’re there by ringing your bell.
  2. Don’t ride with headphones in – riding with headphones in can be dangerous as it makes it hard to hear vehicles around you on the roads. Save the tunes for after your ride.
  3. Use your hands to indicate – a simple gesture that lets everyone behind you know your next move. It isn’t a legal requirement to do so, but it’s good practice to keep safe.
  4. Wear your helmet – seems like a no-brainer really, but if an accident were to occur, you’re covered.
  5. Be appreciative – a simple wave of the hand or nod of the head to a motorist that has given way to you or slowed down for you is an easy way to show thanks on the road.






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