Wet Weather willing?

Recent weather in Sydney has shown to be almost catastrophic – flash flooding, crashing power lines and accidents? It almost sounds like judgement day to me.

However, if you’re a cyclist, it makes it even harder.  That’s why when you are wet weather willing, it’s important to make sure your bike is able to deal with the conditions. Here are just a couple of things to check first:

  1. Tyres

It’s important to see how much tread is left on your bike’s tyres – if it looks smooth, do NOT go out! buy a new pair straight away

2. Lights

If motorists can’t see a two-tonne car in the rain, how can they see you? make sure your lights are always charged up and ready to go

3. Proper clothing

As well as helping with visibility too, it’s no fun to get soggy when cycling in the rain.  Don’t forget your rain jacket!

With these three thing ticked off your check list, you’ll be out on the road in no time! Stay safe out there!


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