On The Road: What NOT to do! (Also what you SHOULD do)

Here at Cycle Bible, we want to help keep you safe! Here and some quick DO’s and DONT’s that you can easily follow while on the road!



  1. Undertake a lane of traffic.
  2. Ride in Bus and Transit lanes.
  3. Travel to the front of traffic on the left-hand side of stopped vehicles, However, not when the vehicles are indicating and about to turn left.
  4. Pass other vehicles on the left, However, again not when those vehicles are indicating and turning left.



  1. Ignore the proper equipment! an Approved helmet is necessary, along with a warning device, in the shape of a bell or horn and front and rear lights for night riders. Don’t forget a red rear reflector!
  2. If your an adult, don’t travel on the footpath! You are allowed to if you are under the age of 16, accompanying a rider who is under 16 or if the lane is a designated shared footpath.



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