Can Attitudes Change?

On this site, we’ve received submissions and discussed this issue with cyclists from around Sydney.  Often this is talked about in the vein of an ‘us vs them’ issue, where there is a clear distinction between cyclists and motorists.

As a fellow cyclist, i often wonder if the times are changing – whether real change is being made.

When analysing this however, we get caught up in what ‘real’ change is.  Do we define this as ‘great’ or ‘monumental’ change?  Because for the team at cycle bible, we know it is the small actions that show how attitudes can change.

Recently,  i was taking advantage of the break in the wet weather to cycle around the leafy surrounds of Sydney’s centennial park.  On my way there, i happened to get into a minor altercation with a motorist.

However, what was startling about this occasion was how caring, sensitive and helpful the motorist was – there was no accusations, no shouting, just simple, actionable behaviour.

It shows that things can change.  And they will.  Because i can guarantee that there are more people like the one i encountered out there.


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