Accidents Happen

While we crusade about road safety here at Cycle Bible, the reality is that accidents sometimes happen. And if you’re not too sure what to do if you’re involved in an accident; here’s what to do!

Get out of danger – if you’ve had an accident on a roadway, get off the road as soon as possible if you can.

Exchange details – whether it’s you or a motorist at fault, exchange contact and insurance details, even if you don’t think you need them.

Get witness details – this is essential in any accident. If you’re hit by a car while cycling (or even if you ride into a car) witness’s can back you up when details of a collision become blurred.

Take photos – if your bike is damaged, taking pictures for insurance is important. Better yet, having a bike-cam installed on your bike will make sure any accidents are fully captured.

Report it to the police – even if police weren’t called to the scene of the accident, reporting the incident is important if charges need to be pressed.

Get yourself (and your bike) checked out – you may have an injury that you didn’t notice at the time of the incident. Injuries like concussion can be serious. Your bike is important too. Take it to a shop and make sure everything is working well before your next ride.

Stay safe out there cyclists!



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